Thursday, September 10, 2009


Don't You Ever Wish
You Were Someone Else
You Were Meant To Be
The Way You Are Exactly

Don't You Ever Say
You Don't Like The Way You Are
When You Learn To Love Your Self
You're Better Of By Far

And I Hope You Always Stay The Same
Coz There's Nothing About You I would Change

I Think That You Could Be
Whatever You Wanted To Be
If You Could Realize
All The Dream You Have Inside
Don't Be Afraid
If You've Got Something To Say
Just Open Up Your Heart
And Let It Show You The Way

Believe In Yourself
Reach Down Inside
The Love You Find Will Set You Free

Believe In Yourself
You Will Come Alive
Have Faith In What You Do
You'll Make It Through

Dont Change.....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

KeLuH KeSaH Ku


"mus..xbaik mengeluh.. Tuhan marah..." tu la yg kwn2 slalu ckp...
mmg la bunyi tuh mengeluh..tapi bukannye tanda aku mengalah or berputus asa or salahkan org lain or ape2 je lah kan.. it's just my simple trademark expression of being tired.. that's all..
nothing more and nothing less..

being tired.. tired of what?? hmm... macam2 ada....

  • study
  • family
  • kawan2
  • duit
  • makan
  • laptop
  • surrounding
well.. each one of them gave me different ways colouring my life day by day...
ni bukan main kaler2 kat colouring book tu ye.. haha.. it's just not as simple as that..
but sometimes i really wish it could be simple,relax and easy..

STUDY---- waaaahhhh... penat kot... cant argue about that... study ape2 pun mmg la penat tp aku yg hidup sbg student medic nih, huhu, study sampai nangis pun still rase susah.. xpelah, no pain no gain kan.. surely, i wont n never ever ever ever infinity give up hope in eveything i do.. but still, penat.... haaaihhhhh......

FAMILY---- dok jauh2 di perantauan (manipal, india)...rindu la.. tipu la sape ckp xrindu.. tumbuk baru tau.. hehe.. but i'm not tired missing them okey...its not like that.. aku juz penat menunggu bile next holiday coz xsabar nak balik umah jumpe diorg.. =p last2 seksa gak sbb before cuti konfem ader exam... haaaaiiihhhhhh...

KAWAN----- haaa... ni lah dia... xkesah la hang pi mana pun, diorg akan ader di mane2 dgn prangai @ fi'il @ behaviour @ tabiat diorg yg pelbagai n ntah ape kejadahnye.. ahahaa.. biaselah, ade kwn yg setelkan problem..ade kwn nk mntk tlg dgr problem..xkurang juge ye member yg wat problem.. ngeh3.. mcm2 hal kan..

tp naluri manusia kot, kte xboleh nak rase tenang bile kwn kte sendiri susah hati.. x mudah sebenarnye nak jage hati semua org.. more secrets more lies..and its not something easy to be taken care of.. penat tau...

but the best part is that when we help them,we help ourselves at the same time.. learn the value of it.. that's how we keep building maturity of our mind, soul n relationship with others..